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It's easy to immediately move to Rainier even if you are currently under contract with another online registration company. Sign-up for the free Contract Buyout Addendum below which will also require you to sign-up and pay for an Annual Service Agreement. Then Rainier will work with you to build your new website and programs. Once you go live with your new Rainier powered website you will provide formal notice to your old supplier.

You won't lose any money! We'll credit you with equivalent Rainier services for any remaining pre-paid term or additional fees you need to pay. Rainier will extend the term of your Annual Service Agreement to recoup the cost of your buyout. You immediately get all the advantages of moving to Rainier without incurring any additional costs.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your situation and receive a firm quote for your buyout please call a Rainier Relationship Manager today at the number indicated above or send us a contact form.

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    Addendum for Contract Buyout
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    To sign-up for the Contract Buyout, click on "Add to Cart" above. You'll also need to sign-up and purchase an Annual Service Agreement so select "No, I do not have a service agreement", then "Checkout" on the next screen. You will be asked to enter your User Name & Password or if you don't have one, Create An Account.  From there you will be asked to accept the terms of the Annual Service Agreement and Contract Buyout  plus answer a few questions about your current supplier and contract terms.


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